Live in care Northland

We care when you can’t be there

Live in care is becoming a popular option for many people in our community, and we provide live in care Northland clients trust in. Why should anyone have to leave the home they love? We know that home is where all of us feel most comfortable. Home is where we are surrounded by a lifetime of our precious memories.

tlc4u2 are proud to offer a full live in care service to clients who don’t wish to leave their home. A personally selected caregiver will live with you in your home to provide support, assistance and companionship.

The care you need – in the home you love

A registered nurse will visit with you in your loved one’s home to discuss and identify the exact level of care required. This information is used to develop a realistic, personalised and highly detailed care package. Every client’s needs are different, and we work hard to ensure we can offer the level of care suited each client. Working with the family, we will then select a caregiver who matches the client’s needs and personality and spend time mentoring the caregiver into the role.

Giving you the freedom to live life your way

Once the caregiver is in place, you or your loved one will be able to live life as normal, doing all the things that you love. You will still be able to go out to cafés, the library, visit friends and be involved in other social activities you have always enjoyed.

We understand that inviting someone to live in your home is a very personal thing, so we work closely with the family/whanau throughout the whole process and continue to do so for the whole period which live in care is required. We endeavour to provide the same one or two caregivers for each of our clients because we know how important continuity is.


tlc4u2 Live in care

  • Remain in the home you love
  • Keep all treasured possessions and the memories they evoke
  • Receive individualised care
  • One to one attention
  • Continuity of lifestyle/routine
  • Choice of food and when you eat
  • Keep pets

Residential Care

  • Leave home for unfamiliar surroundings
  • Can only take limited possessions
  • Share carers’ attention with other residents
  • One-size fits all
  • Change of lifestyle/routine
  • Set meals and times
  • Rules vary between establishments

If you or a loved one requires full time live in care, then tlc4u2 can offer you with the care you need, in the home you love. Maintain your independence – contact us today to see how our live in care service can help you.


Live in Care Case Study

Jenny is a well-known figure in her local community, having owned and operated the local dairy for nearly 20 years. When she retired at 73, she slipped on the bathroom floor one cold night. She wasn’t discovered for another 12 hours, and when she was taken to hospital, she was admitted with a broken femur. Her initial injury healed well, but Jenny found rehabilitation difficult and her niece (having no children of her own) were advised to place her into full time care.

Knowing her aunt would hate to leave her own home and live in a residential home, her niece contacted tlc4u2, to see what we could offer Jenny. With her niece, we decided that a full time, live in caregiver was the best option. With the care and supervision of her caregiver, Jenny has recovered from her injury.

Early Dementia means that Jenny can no longer live on her own, but with the ongoing support and companionship of her caregiver, she is able to maintain her independence in the home she loves. With her caregiver’s assistance she is able to take part in activities such as going shopping and enjoying her garden again. Her nieces have the peace of mind in knowing that their aunt is well cared for.

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