Rehabilitation Service

If you’ve recently undergone surgery, or been injured, then tlc4u2’s Northland rehabilitation service can help you during your recuperation process. One of our caregivers will assist you in whatever way you need while you recover.

We’ll help you get back on your feet

A registered nurse will meet with you to discuss your individual needs – both medical and non-medical. This information will then be used to put together a personalised care plan for you, determining what level of care you’ll need and how long you’ll need it for.

Tlc4u2 also liaises with Active Intervention Management Ltd (AIM) to support clients with occupational therapy and physiotherapy services to provide a holistic wrap around service so that you can be back on your feet as soon as possible.

A caregiver will be selected for you based on what sort of rehabilitation care you require, and they will assist you during the assignment period. This could include:

House Help tasks
Personal care tasks

Meal preparation
Transport to and support during follow-up appointments
Supporting you in rehabilitation exercises and stretches


Rehabilitation Case Study

Alan, 71, engaged the services of tlc4u2 for assistance prior to undergoing surgery for knee reconstruction. With no family members living close by and little social support, Alan came to us for the extra support he needed. He needed our support to be safe in his home, and he also needed assistance with homecare and personal care tasks while he recuperated. After a thorough assessment was completed, a caregiver was introduced to Alan. The caregiver worked with Alan for 2 weeks while he recovered his mobility, supporting him in his follow-up appointments, managing his pain with regular analgesia and encouraged him to regain his independence. Alan has now returned to his position as a pastor for his local church in Northland.

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