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tlc4u2 helping communities since 2010

tlc4u2Limited was created in 2010 by Founder and Managing Director, Jonathan Harris.

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Jonathan Harris

Managing Director

Prior to 2010 Jonathan had worked in the UK as a live-in caregiver and in New Zealand in residential care facilities.

Upon returning to New Zealand in 2010 Jonathan quickly realised that providing client-centric home-based care would be a superior option for upper North Islanders seeking an alternative to residential care and existing home care services.

It has long been a passion of Jonathan’s to do everything possible for clients to have the option to remain at home while living their best life. This passion has ultimately been fulfilled with the creation of tlc4u2. Over the past 12 years tlc4u2 has been responsible for providing a service that has allowed thousands of clients to enjoy a high quality of life while remaining at home, until such a time that they no longer require care.

Our Mission Statement

tlc4u2’s mission statement is simple: we’re committed to getting tender loving care to you too. We do not discriminate against race, sex, age, circumstance, religion and/or culture. We are committed to getting you the care you need. With respect, kindness, empathy, expertise, experience, and a can-do attitude, tlc4u2 is here for you and your whānau/family when you can’t do it alone.

Our Values



to be competent, productive and resourceful.

All of our employees have a can-do attitude and receive client-specific training to increase their efficiency and effectiveness as your caregiver. tlc4u2 monitors our service delivery through effective governance, quality management and the implementation of thorough policies and processes, committees and working groups. At tlc4u2, we go above and beyond to find solutions, to achieve client satisfaction, to help you or your loved one be at home, living their best life.



to show regard for the feelings, wishes, culture and rights of others.

We respect the cultural identity of our clients, their individual needs, their rights and dignity at all times. We operate with sensitivity to the needs of others across cultures. We operate in alignment with the Te Tiriti o Waitangi.



to act with transparency and strong moral principles.

Our kaitiaki/caregivers are highly principled and we have strong relationships with each of them. We operate in alignment with the highest ethical standards and have a zero-tolerance policy for actions that compromise the integrity of our services.



to be responsible for our decisions and actions.

We recognise the responsibility and trust whānau/family place in us to care for their loved ones. That’s why we always develop detailed support plans in consultation with whānau/family and kiritaki/clients to make sure all their needs are met in a way that the client and their family are comfortable and happy with. We have multiple performance measures in place, including client surveys and staff performance appraisals, to ensure our kaitiaki/caregivers are providing a professional service and achieving client satisfaction, and we encourage client feedback at all times.

Our Objectives

At tlc4u2 we strive:
  • To provide an exceptional level of service to all our clients
  • To identify the appropriate level of care for each individual client
  • To offer realistic choices and promote quality of life wherever possible
  • To help maintain and/or enhance lifestyle and promote independence whilst living in their own homes
  • To provide peace of mind for families/whānau
  • To provide comprehensive, holistic and wraparound support by coordinating with allied health professionals, and other members of our clients’ multi-disciplinary hauora/healthcare teams
  • To treat others how we would like to be treated
  • To nurture those around us with aroha, empathy and care
  • To promote safe, open and honest communication
  • To invest in staff and resources for the ultimate benefit of our clients

Case Study

Suzanne Brocx’s Story

In 1999, I accepted Enduring Power of Attorney (Personal Care and Welfare and Property) responsibilities for my husband’s uncle. Part of his advance care plan was his ardent wish to remain in his own home for as long as possible, preferably until his death. Living in Kerikeri (versus somewhere like Auckland) poses more difficult issue for 24/7 care. Being a busy professional myself, I did not want the added stress of having to recruit, train and retain staff for his care.

In March 2011, my uncle’s health had deteriorated to such an extent that he was admitted to Bay of Islands Hospital in a dehydrated state. Such was his determination to remain at home, he had figured that if you didn’t drink, you didn’t have to get up to toilet and therefore this decreased your risk off falling and staying on the ground for a period of time. This was in spite of him having a personal home alarm system (which he refused to use), home support care Monday to Friday and either neighbours or me visiting every day. “During his hospital admission he reluctantly agreed that it was unsafe for him to return home alone.

I contacted tlc4u2 and met to discuss ongoing care arrangements for him. “It is hard to put into words what being at home meant for him – to be in his own room, surrounded by his photos, his garden, his things and his memories is something incredibly precious. While these can be provided in any surrounding to a certain extent, home is where the heart is and for him this was so very true. Having tlc4u2 care staff remain with him gave him a new lease on life – it gave him someone to interact with all hours of the day not just when someone visited. This care gave him his independence again. He relished welcoming people back into his own home, eating at his own table and being able to attend his regular neighbourhood meals (just as he had done for years before).

During the last 11 months, it would be fair to say he has been spoilt rotten but more than that, the care that he has received, has been exemplary – exceptional palliative care. He died after being bed bound for the majority of his last 4months of life with not a blemish on his skin – a testament to the care he received. “

I am eternally grateful to the care that he received and the service that tlc4u2 provides.
Suzanne Brocx, RN, MN (Clinical)


tlc4u2 is a proud sponsor of the following organisations

Parafed Northland

tlc4u2 recently purchased a mobility van for Parafed Northland.

Northland Wheelchair Basketball Team

We are proud to sponsor Northland Wheelchair Basketball Team as they take on the national league.

Here are some of the most recent ways in which we have supported NWBT:

  • We recently held a raffle (to which we’re donating all the prizes) to raise money for NWBT. 1st place prize winner will receive a fully accessible fishing charter with the Wish for Fish Foundation. 2nd place prize is a brand new Smart TV.
  • We also supply uniforms and merchandise for NWBT.


I heard about tlc4u2 at Age Concern and the Anglican Care Centre. Brand new, just what I was looking for, day and night carer, living in. It enabled me to catch up with my family overseas. The care was very satisfactory


Living out of town it was impossible for us to find an Aged Care provider that would come to our home. Finding tlc4u2 has meant so much to me. They have been a tremendous help and made life far easier for me. They’re always there when I need them


When I was little I promised my grandmother I’d never put her in a home. However, after she had a stroke it was clear she could no longer live alone. Jonathan and his professional team offered me a solution and with that Oma has been at home since April 12. She enjoys sitting on her porch, patting her cat, feeding the birds she fed for the past 32 years, walking to the mail box and simply BEING in her own home. These seem like simple little things but these are the moments that give her joy.

Tonya Russell

Dad passed away yesterday afternoon at Whangarei Hospital. I want to take this opportunity to thank tlc4u2 so much for your assistance and care of Dad. Michelle has provided so much support and help to Dad and Mum over the short few weeks that we’ve known her. To quote Mum ‘Michelle is the eighth wonder!!!’ We’ve also received some lovely flowers from you all. They are really gorgeous. Thank you

Helen and Rhonda