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Overnight & Hourly Care

Are you capable of living independently in your own home but need extra assistance? Consider our overnight and hourly care options to give yourself some extra TLC.

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Many of our kiritaki/clients are capable of living in their own homes with just a small amount of extra assistance. If you need help preparing meals or assistance with housework, or with safety checks at night, our overnight care and hourly care services can help you.

Overnight/sleepover Care

If you or a loved one is fully independent during the day but requires extra support at night, then our overnight care service can give you peace of mind. At lc4u2 service coordinator will visit with you and your whānau/family (if required) to discuss your individual needs. A kaitiaki/caregiver will then be selected from our team who matches the needs and personality of the client.

Our caregiver will arrive when you choose and give whatever assistance is required with night-time routines. This may include safety checks to ensure all windows and doors are locked, help with personal cares, and assistance getting into bed. Our caregiver will then stay the night, providing any support the client may need during this time.

We provide the same one or two caregivers for each of our clients because we know how important continuity is for our clients.

Hourly Care

This service is for people who require a little bit of extra assistance, whether it be every day, or simply every now and then. A caregiver from tlc4u2 can assist you with any of the following:

·        Meal preparation

·        Housework

·        Assistance with personal cares

·        Safety checks – ensuring electrical appliances are turned off, windows and doors shut, etc.

·        Support during shopping etc.

As part of the safety checks, our caregivers, if required, can also call the client’s family to let them know their loved one is safe for the night. 

Relevant Case Study

Victor, 92, still maintains his independence at home with the help of DHB funded home based support services.

Victor has engaged tlc4u2’s Overnight Care service to assist him with getting into bed, carrying out safety checks and ensuring he has support throughout the night, should he need it. Victor’s family can rest at night with peace of mind, knowing that Dad will be well taken care of during the night.