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Palliative Care

If your loved one requires palliative care, we understand what a difficult time this must be for your whole whānau/family.

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If your loved one requires palliative (end of life) care, we understand what a difficult time this must be for your whole whānau/family. By letting a member of our team take on the role of kaitiaki/caregiver for your loved one, you are free to spend quality time with them during the time you have left together. Many of our palliative care clients wish to spend as much of their remaining time in their whare/home. tlc4u2 consider it a privilege to help our palliative care clients achieve this wish, and spend their final moments in the place they love most – home.


A service coordinator from our team will meet with you and your loved one to discuss the level of care needed. We use this information to develop a personal care plan that is tailored to your loved ones needs. Working with you and your whānau/family, we select a kaitiaki/caregiver who matches the personality and needs of your loved one.

Our caregiver will then begin providing the required care for your loved one, for as long as you need it. Our palliative care service can be put in place relatively quickly.

We believe in holistic care and work in close conjunction with Associated Allied Healthcare services, such as Hospice, to ensure we meet the spiritual, cultural and emotional needs of our clients, as well as their physical needs.

Relevant Case Study

Ken had been living with cancer for several years. His symptoms became worse, leaving him immobile, incontinent, fluid overloaded and unable to enjoy food. Through all this he retained his sense of humour and a determination to spend what time was left to him in the family home. tlc4u2 provided a caregiver to help Ken with personal cares and to assist Ken’s wife with household chores.

With the support and assistance of the caregiver, Ken’s family did not have to take on the challenging role of caregiver but instead took the opportunity to be with him as wife, daughters, sons and grandchildren. Ken passed peacefully, surrounded by everything that meant the world to him.